Gifts & Promotional Products

Creating Personal gifts for that special occasion using either your images/artwork or ours with specialised printing by us on to a range of products including mugs, shirts, hats, key rings, coasters, place mats, bar runners, clocks and much much more

If there is a design at Zeebz that you see on a mug but would like on a coaster or other item, just ask and depending on the image source and size, it may be very possible to do this. Also, some of the images at Zeebz are also able to be physically posted as a transfer for you to create your own product so again just ask and depending on the original source, it might also be possible.

Promotional items for business customers

And of course our Alpaca produce (raw, carded & hand spun fleece) for the spinners, weavers and knitters from our little herd of mischievous Alpacas.

To keep our little herd of Alpacas fed, we added the printing of products to our crafty little farm business help pay for hay

We are located in Kingaroy Queensland Australia and are doing our little bit to produce something in the land of Oz

Why the name Zeebz? Simply because I like Zebras and if I could have some, I would

Distribution of Digital Designs

Products on this site contain images that are either owned or have been purchased to use with a commercial license or a royalty is paid or we have permission from the owner

Just because you added some text to it, doesn’t make it a new design you can turn around and distribute digitally.

People put a lot of work into their designs and they are using them to make a living for themselves and their families.

Unless you have drawn/created it yourself, or purchased the correct license to do so (which typically isn’t cheap), you can’t share that design with others, free or paid. This includes images you found using a google search.

Just because you downloaded it as a freebie somewhere, doesn’t mean you can distribute it yourself digitally. Designers use freebies strategically to grow their audience. You need to download it from the source.

If you are interested in purchasing a commercial license for one of the images you see on this site, please contact me so I can steer you in the correct direction so you can make your purchase from the source.

Don’t use anything you didn’t create or purchase yourself. It can put your business/website/Etsy shop at risk. It’s not worth that risk. Spend the few bucks to do it right.

This is the reason why we have disabled the ability to right click on anything within this website.